Is planning to fail.

I totally believe that.  Totally.  On days when I take the time to plan what I’m going to eat, I do really well.  If I find myself hungry at 1 p.m. and I haven’t packed a lunch for myself, the odds are pretty good that I’m going to end up at McDonald’s (with more than one large meal) or with some fat- and sodium-packed processed junk from the supermarket.

So this week, I’m challenging myself to plan ahead.

Last night I made a menu plan for the week.  Breakfast is homemade granola with low-fat Greek yogurt and fresh fruit.

Snacks will  be fresh fruit, nuts, and/or low-fat yogurt or cheese.

Lunches and dinners are all from the NHS Change 4 Life website.

I just spent three hours cooking.  Lunches this week are spaghetti bolognese and chili con carne.  The spaghetti is wholemeal and the rice is wholegrain basmati.  Both recipes include nice fresh veggies and lean protein (ground turkey).  Dinner tonight will be Ellie Krieger’s sloppy joes — again made with ground turkey and on wholemeal rolls.  Tomorrow we’re having the Fat-free Vegan’s chili stuffed peppers — again with the ground turkey!

It’s really difficult to find recipes that work for both me and my husband.  I hate vegetables.  He loves vegetables.  I tend to like spicy foods and love beans.  He hates spicy food and loathes beans.  He’s a true meat-and-potatoes kinda guy, and would be happy with a full roast dinner every night if possible, but hey, it ain’t possible, so we’re learning to compromise with every meal, and it’s getting easier as time goes by.

I weighed myself this morning and I was 290.75.  I’m so, so ready to leave the 290s behind and I’m determined that this week’s menu will help me.  I’m also aiming to exercise for at least 45 minutes each day this week.  We have a dog, so there’s no excuse to NOT be going on a walk or two each day!

Right.  I have a few things left on my to-do list for day.  I’m off to do them and enjoy the rest of my Sunday!